Spring 2009 Volume 96

Dear MGMTA Members,

As we near the end of the school year, I invite you to reflect upon the good work you have done this year every time you made music with children. Your creative endeavors in the music classroom have opened minds and hearts while developing skills and knowledge. It is through your efforts that children have the opportunity to express themselves through singing, moving, instrument playing and creating. You have helped your students develop their artistry as they shared their music with audiences in concerts and programs throughout the year. And you have brought joy to many parents and colleagues every time you opened the doors of your music room to share the efforts of your students.

Summer is approaching: it’s time to relax and recharge the batteries needed to take us through the coming year. Our responsibilities as Teacher-Artists in Residence in our schools are joyful, but demanding. I hope you can take some time to seek out and reach the artist within. You may find an opportunity to do just that in a summer school class or workshop. Perhaps you will find yourself performing in your chosen musical discipline or experiment with a new way to make music. Catching up on that stack of Music Journals you haven’t had a chance to get to during the school year can stimulate new ideas and excitement for a new school year. Time with family and friends, at home in Montana or out on the road can nurture the creative process and give us more to offer our students when we reunite in the fall. However you choose to spend your summer days, I hope they bring renewal, rest and recreation in the truest sense of the word!

Plans are being made for our MGMTA meeting during the MMEA Conference in Bozeman, October 15-16, 2009. We will offer stimulating and topical sessions by Patricia Bourne, Dorothy Morrison, Gail Hoyt, Brenda Griggs, Laura Curtis and Jennifer Murphy. I look forward to gathering with you to once again share our passion for the art of making and teaching music.

Have a terrific summer!


Spring 2009 Volume 96
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