Fall 2009 Volume 97

Dear MGMTA Members,

It was great fun to see you in Bozeman for our annual MMEA Conference. A special thanks to Julie Blakeslee, Dorothy Morrison and Sarah Burdick for organizing and teaching us as we prepared our performance for the General Session. “Coffee” was a big hit with our colleagues from the other affiliates. Both MENC President Barbara Geer and Clinician Peter Boonschaft remarked that our performance was a wonderful way to kick off the conference. Much of the material used in “Coffee” came from Jo Ella Hug. Thanks to Jo Ella for providing the “bones” of our presentation.

Patricia Bourne touched on many topics relevant to our work with children in the music room. Her sessions were well attended and members evaluated her efforts highly. It was very satisfying to sing together in Patty’s choral session. She gave us many ideas for dealing with “Differently-Abled” children and for moving our curriculum forward through performance based assessment. There was fun to be had during her session on literature and drama in the music classroom. Check out the pictures on our website to see your colleagues in action! Patty graciously allowed us to post both her Session Notes and the Power Point slides she used in her presentation on our web site.

You can also access Dorothy Morrison’s Native American Pow Wow Dance Unit and the Play Party and Song Games Session presented by Laura Curtis, Brenda Griggs and Jennifer Murphy. One of the great strengths of our organization is the many master teachers we have in our midst. Thank you for sharing your expertise and materials with us!

You modeled superior pedagogy while allowing us to experience the joys of your session topics. I hope the coming holiday season brings many opportunities for you and your students to grow as a musical community and to share song, movement and instrument playing with friends and family. I am still feeling the positive effects of our time together in Bozeman. I feel fortunate to share this work with all of you who are passionate, energetic and dedicated to helping our young charges express themselves through music. Let’s continue to support one another through our website: www.mgmta.org

Best wishes to all of you as we enter the joyful, hectic, magical days ahead!

Karen Callan,

Fall 2009 Volume 97
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