Meet Jennifer Skogley, MGMTA Secretary


Hello, fellow MGMTA members!  My name is Jennifer Skogley and I’m in my eighth year of teaching general music in Helena.  I’ve been involved in music my whole life.  That might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s really true.  My dad is Jeff Skogley, who has been teaching music in Montana for. . . let’s just say a long time!  My mom is a medical technologist by training but she’s also a musician as a hobby.  I spent all of my school years at Cascade Public Schools, where my dad still teaches.  I started piano lessons in third grade, took up the clarinet in fifth grade, sang in middle school and went to MSU-Bozeman for my Bachelor’s of Music Education.  Currently, I’m back at MSU for my master’s degree.  I’m also in my 2nd term as MGMTA Secretary.

After graduating from college, I took a job teaching K-5 general music in Helena.  I’ve been with Helena for eight years now and have grown to love teaching general music more than I ever expected.  I fully expected to teach general music for a few years, then be ready to move on to a band job of some variety.  I never pictured myself sticking with general music this long, but I have no desire to change what I do!  You can’t get much better than little five-year-olds who get overly excited to see our puppet friend Freddie the Frog, or fifth graders who love to folk dance!

Aside from my school self, I love to scrapbook, read, write and all things Disney.

While you’re here, go on over and check out the MGMTA Facebook group.  It’s somewhat new and we’re trying to increase the traffic to the page so we can all connect a little better!

Happy teaching, everyone!

Congratulations to Saxon Inabnit, the winner of our Hoberman Sphere giveaway!

Meet Jennifer Skogley, MGMTA Secretary
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